Why Career Counselling ?

In today’s time of unlimited career and study options, we often come across school and college and sometimes even young professionals in their early twenties who often have no strong idea of the career they should follow. Choosing the right career is the first step towards that elusive job satisfaction because if you end up in a profession which does not align to your interests and ability, it can cause immense dissatisfaction. It is very important to understand that each person differs in terms of their aptitude, skills, ability and interests. Not every individual is cut out to be a doctor, engineer or a lawyer for example. Thorough career counselling helps assess a person’s interests, talents and ability.

The conventional way is to do what your parents were doing or join the commerce stream cause friends are doing so.The right approach to choose your career path is the one which strikes a correct balance between a person’s interests, aptitude and personality. Many people are not aware that choosing the right subjects, courses, careers or jobs is a SCIENTIFIC PROCESS that can be arrived at by using certain scientific tools like psychometric tests and one-to -one counselling sessions to map a person’s personal and professional profile. Going through a psychological based career assessment and guidance helps you to take a logical decision and find what profession suits you the be.

Psychometric tests are standardized tests that make use of scientific tools to measure a person’s mental capabilities and behavioral style. These tests are specially designed to measure an individual’s suitability for a specific role based on specific personality traits and aptitude (also called cognitive abilities). With the help of these scientific tools and tests personal characteristics can be identified so that they can be matched with those required for a particular job.

How will our assessment work ?

  • Depending on your needs and level of education you can pick up the test that best suit you requirements.
  • Once you have selected the test, our team will direct you to the test link.
  • The best part is that you can TAKE the test online from ANYWHERE- our office or at your home.
  • Once you have taken the test, our experts will evaluate your answers and compile a detailed report and send it across to you.

Psychometric Assessment for 2nd - 4th Class Students

Psychometric Assessment for 5th - 7th Class Students

Comprehensive Career Assessment for 9th - 10th grade Students

Comprehensive Career Assessment for 9th - 12th grade Students