In Simpler Terms, What Is Sound Healing?

We, as a community, use music for our entertainment, festivals and celebrations, leisure, communication, and leisure. Some humans may be less inclined to music, yet sound is something that connects the populace globally irrespective of geographical, cultural or social boundaries.
Sound healing comes from the Greek origin, “Art of the Muses” the Goddesses who embody art, literature and inspired knowledge.We engage in music at wedding ceremonies to enact and celebrate the feeling of love, and also during funerals to bid our goodbye to the ones we so dearly cared for. We listen to it when we have to pass time, and the tunes of musicalso make us dance when we want to have some fun in life. We worship our Gods and deities in festivals with music. And yes, we have used and continue to use music for the purposes of healing.Music is actually a therapy.
Sound healing uses various aspects of music including psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, social and superficial – and works on the health of the person under therapy. The therapist using the techniques helps improve a number of areas of the well-being of the patient, including emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, and psychological and psychiatric health.
Using the healing with sound includes a number of ways including listening or even singing alongside musical acts, or moving to the tunes of the beats, chanting, or meditating to the sound waves, even simpler humming or enjoying instruments that play music, or in complex therapies subjecting the patient to certain sound waves to induces positive brain waves that have the capability to alter moods.
Medical practitioners to academics to social activists- many a renowned personalities use music as therapy, including use in religious preaches and beyond. After all, music is sound to the ears- literally! The Super Leader Academy is the first academy to introduce this therapy as a learning curve and to enhance the ability of the younger minds, our children. The results have been pleasing to say the least and children of various ages have worked with sound and helped improve the state of their mind and understand the potential of their own brain! It is time for you to the first step towards your child’s future.

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